Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Just another patch of wasted carbon molecules

Heard Russell Brown on the radio yesterday say that he knows Roger Kerr is one of those people who can't read their own email and has to get someone to print out his emails for him to read.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Priceless.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Petrol price slides

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I don't want my public service cut Mr Kerr

What the hell does Roger "I think I'm King Arthur" Kerr know about the public service?

I've just listened to him belting on in a radio programme about public spending, saying there are definitely areas for cost savings, and quoting percentages and numbers.

What? Do you measure everything in dollars Mr Kerr?

In fact, as the economy has grown in the last five years, public spending has reduced as a proportion. But the demands on services has increased.

Voters asked for more police and more people in jail, so we've got them - and that costs. September 11 meant we have to spend more on customs and that costs. Health services cost more and more as the population ages. Public focus on child abuse has meant more staff required to work in this area. People want to hear kiwi in the bush again, so we need field staff to achieve this.

In fact, you name the public service and you will find the public expectations and demands for it have increased.

And this is my point - you can't measure this only by simply looking at the amount of dollars being spent. Doing so is a typical accounting/economist way of looking at things.

What about looking at measures of quality? If there is X demand for a service, how effectively is the service being delivered? Is it working? Is it solving the problem or answering the need? Simply saying "let's save 5% here by firing a few people" is completely daft and so last century thinking.

One economist pointed out that National couldn't keep public spending under control when it was last in power, and can't see their policies to make things any different if they get in this time. I agree.

People from all areas of the public service are saying they do everything on the smell of an oily rag, and the staff are highly dedicated. I know many people who work in public service, and they are very dedicated and pride themselves on doing a good job. The only ones I see in our own Department wasting money are managers, and that doesn't seem much different to what I've seen going on in private business during my time there.

Personally, I've never seen the need for the Business Round Table. Everything they do and say seems completely self-serving, and only designed to help their members make more profits for their fat selves, mostly by convincing us things would be better if they owned public property and public entities, so they can sell back the service to us, at a great big profit.

Fornicate off Mr Kerr. You're a con man and why should I trust your word over the word of someone who works with children every day or sweeps our streets so the place looks tidy? What the hell do you really contribute to NZ, Mr Kerr? I bet you pay stuff-all tax, because you've got some trust setup or some shelf company or any one of a multitude of weasel techniques that so many rich bastards seem to use to minimise their tax payout.

No, we need to start measuring things sensibly. Quoting percentages, which is often a dodgey technique for hiding facts, is not good enough anymore Mr Kerr. Go and get some real facts and then come back to us. Say, in fifty years.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Bribe the electorate - abso-bloody-lutely!

Are Labour bribing us to vote? I bloody hope so.

For some reason NZers have become like the Aussies did in their last election, and will probably vote with their wallets in mind more than ever this time around.

And should Labour feel guilty about this? No way.

If the electorate is too thick to address issues properly and not bother listening to the mumbled low-hype of Dr Cullen, then Labour has no choice.

Whatever one may feel about National becoming government again, now is not the time. Don "what the hell is my policy on that again?" Brash winning this election would be like Bush winning in the US last time - a disaster. Brash is no Jenny Shipley. Think what you like about her, she at least had some idea of what she wanted to achieve and inspired people to follow her. She was a leader and understood the need for a leader to have a clear plan that they could communicate to everyone.

We have no idea what Don really thinks about too many issues, and in fact there are many saying his real ideas towards the poor, women, and culture would scare most people, and make NZ become like Indonesia or Malaysia.

No, National needs to get its act together (no pun intended) and find some real leadership in its ranks. The last few years of Labour has shown we need a far more effective and principled opposition. Voters need to see what real alternatives there are to a Labour-led government, or otherwise, they may as well vote for the benefit of their wallets.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

No Nukes: No Way

Listen up Mr Brash, Mr Bush (ever notice how similar those two names seem?), Ms Clark, Mr Bolger and anybody else in a position to make decisions on behalf of our country.

No Nukes, No Way

Got that?
On the radio I heard David Lange's Oxford Union speech from 1985, his arguments are still valid 20 years on.
We don't need nukes in the South Pacific.

The US has just invited New Zealand to participate in an exercise based upon intercepting ships carrying weapons of mass destruction.
Hello? That's our point, stupid.

We're not anti US.
We're prepared to pull our puny weight in world defence and security issues.
We will willingly fulfill any obligations to any treaties, defence or otherwise.
We just don't need nukes to do it.

Fact: Nuclear propelled ships are banned from New York's harbour
Fact: The US has a "neither confirm nor Deny" policy pertaining to the presence of nuclear weapons aboard it's ships.
If you don't fess up, you can't come in!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

You heard it here first.....

From the "Inventions that need to be invented" Employee Care file:

Are you a woman required to attend corporate award ceremonies?
Paypacket not keeping pace with the requisite glitzy and glamourous attire required, but not accounted for through a clothing allowance?

Why can't someone invent a standard-issue "Corporate Sparkly Frock": sequinned or just sumptuous evening gowns in company colours (in our case moss green), with company logo detail worked into the design, either on fabric or jewellery such as brooches. Workplaces could keep a range of sizes, with accompanying shoes, shawls and accessories, for staff to use as needed.

Perhaps an accompanying range of bow ties and tuxedos for men?

So much cheaper and more sustainable - and removes all the anxiety behind wondering what to wear!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Only at "The Company"

Working at a science research agency (as we fuelfools do), some pretty strange emails do the rounds. For example, a recent one asked for ingredients for 'scintillation cocktail'.

Here's another, just today.

---------- and myself are looking for some nice solid trees to practise our tree climbing on prior to heading into the field.

If you have any nice big trees we could climb for practise please let me know,

Trees won't be harmed - we promise.

Thank you

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"Earth to Australia, come in Australia....."

Referring to map daddy's post, July 13: "Google maps great to look at, but where to now?"

It seems our worthy Trans-Tasman neighbours have concerns about Google Earth, the internet satellite programme that lets users zoom in on almost any building anywhere.

The head of Australia's Nuclear Energy Agency is calling for changes, including censoring Sydney's Lucas Heights reactor. Google Earth currently shows the layout of the buildings and carpark.

Google Earth censors the White House and other key US buildings, but not Australian ones, apparently. Come on guys, just cos they're down under, it doesn't mean Australians aren't sensitive, or have sensitive (censor-tive?) security concerns. At least they could censor the carpark, it would help if potential saboteurs were made to park down the street.

By the way, for a bit of fun I recommend checking out Baghdad and Tehran. Lots of intriguing buildings in those cities.

Also, I am keen to have my house in Christchurch censored from Google Earth so zealots and door-to-door salespeople can't find it (let alone ex-boyfriends.) Any hints?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Yo, Po!

Here’s calling your attention to our new link to Pohangina Pete. Pete is a photographer, philosopher, poet, bon-vivant (!), bushman, climber, and colleague (formerly). He’s a scientist, a some-time editor… the list goes on. Pete’s blog has just moved house from xanga. Be sure to drop by, he’ll have the kettle on for ya.

Hasta la Vista, Bunny

And now, wordgirl returns after a long absence, with a rural news flash from NZPA. Word up!

Farmers are lapping up a new exploding rabbit-killing device, the Rodenator.

The underground gas exploder has been used to kill gophers, prairie dogs, squirrels and rats in the United States.

Now it is being put to use on New Zealand rabbits.

Meyer Industries' Ed Meyer promoted the device at the Mystery Creek agricultural expo recently, and says it kills quickly and humanely. A video clip of the Rodenator in use proved popular.

"The guys here just love it. They want to see the rabbits flying out of the hole, but unfortunately, everything stays in the ground."


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Hoff strikes again

Kindly submitted to FuelFools on behalf of Auntay.