Friday, March 30, 2012

Corporate Glossary

A long overdue resource for colleagues struggling to make sense of meaningless behaviour!

Chuckle (n and v): 1/ To never smile
2/ To repeatedly forget appointments and commitments, to the point that this becomes a running joke.

Judicious (v): To visciously edit someone's document in an unexpected way.

Troymatise (v): To harangue someone relentlessly as if in a battle.

Comfitted (v): To be fitted up for a task you otherwise wouldn't want to do.

Pierced (n): To complain to your boss about something and you end up being given an extra task to solve it.

Framed (adj): To become a victim of judiciousness through inadvertently seeking it out.

Shiterations (adj): Every time you rewrite something, it gets worse.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This blog is closed and archived

It's time to face facts and put up a final post to officially close this blog.

It seems a long time ago, but it is really only three years since we launched this blog outta Bingsland. Despite the Sid Snot-like attitude in the first post, the aim was to give us somewhere to continue and extend conversations we had in our car pool, during the long drive out to the Company in the country.

So where has everyone gone?
  • Well, Auntay has become a Mum-ay ('on yer!) but will back to the crayons again soon.
  • Wordgirl has had a little full-stop (bewty mate!) and intends to mince words in other areas.
  • Mapguy is off the map (rumour has it he fights fires now) and has recently built a new abode.
  • Bramblerose Sandybanks is still rambling out to the Company (look for her in the stacks) but we have no idea how.
  • And I'm working to ease discomfort in the depths of local government knowledge (and maybe causing some too).
So that's it. This blog is now officially closed. We'll leave it here for posterity, and a warning to others, for as long as Blogger exists.

Apparently around 40% of blogs on the web are no longer being updated. Having achieved so much, our blog has now become a statistic and joins the world-wide archive of random remarks.

Our thanks go to the fuel companies, Blogger, the Company, and the music industry. Thanks for the ride.

Maybe we'll see you on different road somewhere...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

This coming like a ghost-town

Monday, July 16, 2007


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

World Pinhole Camera Day

It's been and gone, the last sunday of April every year is World Pinhole Camera Day

Barking Mad?

Maybe, the lowest of low tech simplicity is the appeal

Just light + film = image

After last years abortive effort I'd got my shit together, sussed out what went wrong and had another crack at it. I'm trying to use the multi-shot capacity of a disposable camera rather than having to arse around changing film in a darkened closet.

Films being developed now, all will be revealed......................

In the mean time check out the world wide gallery

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Things in the building have reached an all time low

Yes folks after a long period of time some of us decided enough was enough- this email was recently sent around the office

The ladies' toilet:

I'm surprised that there is a need to even contemplate sending an email like this, but things have come to a head in the ladies toilets!!!
**** kindly provided us with a nice toilet brush for each cubicle, and today I was warned against going into the window side cubicle, chiefly due to a mysterious person's dislike of using such an implement. It's scarey - be afraid; be very afraid.

It is not the first time that this has happened, but is the frightening. If it was the men's loo, I would be less surprised!!!

That's it - hope you're not offended, but felt that matters had to be taken in hand. It's not fair on your colleagues, or the poor cleaner.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

More cartoon tomfoolery

It's nice to see the Aussies are prepared to publish cartoons taking the piss out of themselves.

In a similar way the muslim cartoon debacle could have been deflated by taking ownership to the offending items.

Oh, what's that - the aussies aren't owning up to it?


So long and good riddance

The world will be a safer place with the announcement of the death of Caspar Whine-and-cheese-burger, the out of control defence secretary of the Reagan administration.

To call this man a megalomaniac would be a gross understatement, the man was in charge of $US6 Billion A WEEK of defence expenditure during peacetime while he was US Defence secretary, a grand total of more than $US 1 Trillion!

The architect of the potentially apocalyptic Star Wars program SDI, $US 50 Billion later still not operational, could well have brought about the end of our planet as we know it. To credit him with helping to bring about the end of the Soviet Bloc is simply bollocks, he would much rather have blown it apart.

One thing to come out of all this is the Global Positioning System (GPS) the positional framework of Star Wars that has changed to way we navigate inside our world. The Mapguy is surprised that geospatial people have not blogged about the significance of this already.

Is that worth 1 Trillion? Maybe

Good riddance to one of the world's most dangerous men.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Auntay sells out

Auntay has sold her soul to Richard Hammond. Yes, he of Top Gear fame.

Rumours are that Richard turned up in Lincoln in his new Porsche 911 Carrera and Auntay promptly through away her engagement ring and leapt over the side of the vehicle, into the driver's seat, shoving poor Richard into the passenger seat.

Auntay in the driving seat

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Away in the hills at last

At last I've got away into the hills.

Away at the crack of 8am Barry and I did the now familiar trip across the great gravelly plain of the Waimakariri. We met Mark in Springfield, left his car at Claire and Jim's house and continued on to a layby through a rickety gate next to the Taipo.

Griffin creek hut from the Remote Huts website; photo: Mark Buckley 2004
A short roadbash of a couple of km's and then up Harrington Creek for the 800m grunt up to the scrubline. The track was thin in places but that set the standard for the enire trip.

There's a drought going on right now on the West Coast, all weekend we crunched rata leaves underfoot. A curious sound for west Coast trips. Nearing the top we surprised ourselves by catching up to a couple also sweating their way up the hill. They seemed particularly interested in how far we were from the top.

Barry's GPS didn't seem to want to talk to more than one satellite, I have no time for the things myself. I go to the hills to rely on my skill and instinct, not to depend on the trappings of technology that pervade my life, my profession makes sure of that. I assured them they were nearly at the top, but strangely we never saw them again.

If you weren't paying attention it would be easy to miss the turn off to Griffin Creek, maybe they got waylaid on the tops. The turn off is right on the scrubline so a quick detour is in order to get a view from a nearby knob. Ah, the view down the Taramakau is grand. The ocean looks inviting as there's no water up here to drink, unless you count the scoty old water barrel at the turn off.

As we started down a karearea Falco novaeseelandiae silently assumed position on a dead spar above us. And then a plunge down to the cool clear sparkling Griffin creek. Water, the best beveridge of all.

Pohangina Pete takes a way better Whio photo than I ever could, so we were content to just sit and watch a pair of them glide through the rapids. A little further up the river and this time three whio hopped up on a rock and watched us. Five in one trip is not a bad talley at all.

"I thought" Mark said "that blue ducks were supposed to be rare. How come we see them every time we go tramping?"
"Ah that's because we go places that other people rarely visit" I replied.

Griffin Creek hut is an easy boulder hop upstream, a standard four bunk forest service hut that has been adopted, strangely, by hippies at some point recently. Dream catchers hang by the window, an inflatable kiwi (!) sits on the bench and various hippy musings fill the hut book.

Sadly the hut book is only a couple of years old, a victim of that curious DoC policy of removing old hut books from their home of origin. I believe that their own hut is the best archive af all. The last visitors were three months ago.

The new Titanium gas stove ran like a dream. It's a 9000 BTU flamethrower i got from Bryan Dudley and it's a doozy. Because of my gross lack of fitness (pathetically) attributable to selling houses and owning a small child, I've adopted a lightweight tramping regime to be able to get away with it. My base pack weight is down to about 4.5 kg, with a weekend worth of food that's still way below the 10kg+ I'd usually carry. And what a differance it makes! Shoes instead of boots, a daybag size instead of a large sac. Many breaks I wouldn't bother to take my pack off, it's weight seems insignificant.

Mark had a bottle of Brew Moon lager, chilled in the Creek it made a superb apertif before a big feed of pasta and an early night.

Up and away at the crack of 9 the next day, so much for going to Scotty's biv (my orginal intention) and back down the track to the turn off to Rocky Creek. Again a thin trail, but not to hard to follow all the same. We seemed to fairly skip down to Rocky Creek Hut, and then we lunched in the river bed just downstream. Follow the river down till multiple permolats on two trees signal the start of the track and then away and out to the Taipo again. Cross the Taipo and up to the car, easy.

Soon we're gliding along at 100km/h, effortlessly climbing the Otira gorge to Arthur's Pass for a ice cream.
After another perfect weekend in the hills, the smell of a hot day fills the air at springfield.
Lactic legs, a head full of green, birds and rushing water.