Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A bright end to the year

Is good to see the year end on a bright note: Kerry Packer is dead.

Kerry Packer was not a nice man. One could argue that's the sort of person one needs to be to be so rich and powerful. Maybe so, but notice I didn't say "successful" there? Looking at the history of the man, the many stories around about him and the way he did things, I'm not so sure he was a big success.

One doesn't have to spend much time reading stories about Packer to discover he did everything with fear and threats. It seems even the Australian Government trid to avoid conflict with him, afraid what he might do with all his power if they got on his wrong side.

Is strange, because it would appear that despite his huge control of global media organisations, there is only small evidence of him ever telling people in his media companies what to do or say. This compared to Murdoch, about whom there are countless tales of his manipulation of his own media chiefs, could make one think Packer was squeaky clean. Far from it.

Apparently, face-to-face, he was incredibly scarey and very intimidating. Anyone who showed any sign of resisting him or his plans, was often sucked into a personal meeting with him, where they were told "I'll bury you" if they didn't play ball.

I don't think we need people like this in the world. We had a century full of them in the 1900s and the sooner we leave such people and the way they did things behind us, the better the world will be.

Was Packer a big success? To me, he was just proof that wealth and power can't buy you good health and happiness. He always looked ill, and always looked like what he was: a right Aussie bastard.

Just another rich prick departs. Good ridence.



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