Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Devastation for Fuelly Children

An all staff email has just gone out at the Fuellies' Place Of Work, pertaining to the important topic of the Christmas Barbeque:

HO! Ho! Ho!

Unfortunately, Father Xmas has double booked this year and I need a 'stand-in' for Tuesday's Picnic please.

Please let me know if you would care to be Father Xmas for the picnic.

cheers and thanks
Santa's Little Helper

Is it true that Santa is not omnipresent? And speaking of presents... what happens if he's a no-show?

Friday, November 25, 2005

May I introduce Ruby

The Comfy family continues to replicate, despite the best efforts of the first sprogg to put us off the idea.

Enter the world, Ruby. A petite, dark-haired wee girl, full-term and in good health.

You can visit her web site here.

Not much more to say at this stage. One brother with a nose slightly bent and missing his Mum, but otherwise no real harm caused. Long may it continue.



Well, as you may have guessed from the previous post and comment, Ruby Comfort was born on Wednesday November 23. Dad Comfort hasn't officially announced this on the Fuellies site yet but he's been busy helping Ruby set up her own new web pages. We wouldn't expect anything other than a techno-baby to be be born to Mum and Dad Comfy and Ruby is starting early, as you would expect.

Mapguy, Bramblerose and I went to C1 on the way to work this morning to 'wet the baby's head' (with lattes to go, of course). Comfy, you'll be needing lots of caffeine in days to come, no doubt.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Comfort Child

It's a mere 24 hours until the long awaited arrival of the comfort child.
What shall we call him or her?

I kinda liked Johnny Cash Comfort

Wordgirl has a more middle earth style take on things: Arwen, Viggo, etc

Something more topical may be Pania, to celebrate the reinstating of the lovely statue in Napier recently.

Whatever you decide to call your child, good luck. We'll be thinking of you both tomorrow Comfy

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Rod Donald 1957 – 2005

Many, many people have anecdotes about Rod that illustrate his warmth and engaging character (see the condolence book on the website). In my days as a fresh young journo in the 90s Rod would frequently drop by my office at RNZ in the glamourous outpost of Greymouth, mainly for lunchtime chats. Once after a visit to see possum fur product production in South Westland he brought back some possum fur finger puppets – one for me, and three for his daughters. He kept in touch when I moved to head office in Wellington – even ringing me on my last day to say he’d miss hearing me! Last year, (living in Christchurch by now), I was roped into a fund-raising trivia night for the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) at a bizarre nautically-themed pub complete with crow’s nest and rigging. Rod was there, working the crowd. On spying me he immediately asked to join our team (we came third!) We won boxes of “Peace Tea”, handmade mugs, and home baking. An unexpectedly hilarious and unforgettable evening.

Rod seemed to me to be a true extrovert – outgoing, confident, but never egotistical, gaining energy from his focus on others. He seemed to boost morale wherever he went. I admired his political integrity and his superb people skills – to me he embodied the true spirit of the MMP system he helped establish – finding ways to work respectfully and constructively with those of differing political views to gain a better end – take note, Peter Dunne. Who can forget Rod’s brandishing the Tibetan flag, and campaigning against NZ Cricket’s tour of Zimbabwe – good on you Rod! Even the olds were proud.

Sincere condolences to Rod’s family, who shared him with the rest of us - and to the Greens – kia kaha, may the way forward, onwards and upwards become clear. Rod, we Fuelfools salute you in spirit as we conserve our resources through carpooling as we do! And as part of your legacy I like many others will continue to consider the political impacts of my purchases, and to reduce energy use and waste at home.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What's this guy making... hokey pokey biscuits?

As I may have mentioned previously, being a non-scientist working at a science institute, I get to see some email requests that seem pretty strange (to me, at least). This one about baking soda?!! arrived around lunchtime today. Maybe he forgot his sammies and wanted to bake some muffins? (LOTS of muffins!) Maybe he was just wanting a rise?

Does anyone have 1 kg sodium bicarbonate S8875 for us to use urgently. I will replace it in due course when our order arrives.
With thanks