Thursday, June 30, 2005

Excited scientist

Well, it's always great to see what gets scientist's excited.
In this case, I can see why. It would be great to have one of these around the house, or maybe a spare at the office.
What do you think, could we get Agresearch to loan us one to try out?
I have velcro gloves if anybody needs to borrow them.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Tales from the Orient

Well fellow fuellers after a months absence and fogotten passwords I herewith write my first blog.
My recent trip to the East provided me with enough material to give the Janglish website a run for its money.

Fully heated toilet seat with full bidet, front bottom and ass hairdyer functions (I thought of my fellow Lincolnites toiling away with their asses frozen in the corporate cubicle).

A Tv show about a man who hadn't cleaned his belly button for 50 years and had to go to AE to get what was described as a black bean from his navel

Friday, June 17, 2005

So long Mike, you loser

What great news last weekend, to hear the overlong boxing career of Mike "the biter" Tyson is finally over. Hoo-bloody-ray!

And good on Kev McBride for smacking Mike onto his arse at the end of the bout. Nice one.

The guy was a cheat and a rapist. What's more, he even tried to cheat during the McBride fight, using head-butts and other dirty tactics.

Worried that I might be alone in this opinion, I did a Google search, and the first item to appear was "Mike Tyson won't be missed" on the FoxSports site. Haha. Excellent article too.

I'm with Dave Wilcox when he says, "good riddance Mike Tyson"!

Watch that girl

We're seeing the establishing of WiFi services in metropolitan NZ, and simple applications are emerging on the market for this technology. The next big thing has gotta be location aware services combined with smart textiles.

This snazzy new product certainly fits the bill, get 'em while they're hot (ouch) forgetmenotpanties

I might invest in a pair for my daughter in a few years, though the ole fashioned shotgun still takes a lot of beating.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

That would have to be one charming mother*****g map

Well for a mere million dollars US I could've got me the first known map of the Americas.
Mind you that'd be a snip compared to the price that the library of congress paid for a bigger version of the same thing, read on map fans.................

What would New Zealand pay for a similar depiction of our fair isles? The name Nieuw Zeeland first appeared on maps around 1845, here's some more info:


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

No one told me!

Dave Allen, courtesy of screenonlineOh, bloody hell. Dave Allen died in March. Nobody told me!

Dave Allen is one of those memories from your childhood that form who you are. Probably explains why I like whisky. I remember watching him on the tele, which means his show must have been shown before my bedtime.

I also remember long rambling jokes, some of which I didn't get, or didn't want to appear to get in front of my parents. There seemed to be a lot of stuff about the Pope too. Funny sketches with the Pope being carried around on a litter or sedia gestatoria through rivers, traffic, small towns, etc.

Screenonline seem to have the best summary about him. I love his comment about potential complaints over his sending up of the Church. "I get more letters about scratching my head or sitting sideways in my chair!"

Must try to find some videos of the guy.

Did you know he was a painter too?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Oops, where did May go?

My god, a whole month has elapsed since our last post.
The latest crisis in the map room has subsided leaving the mapguy with a huge list of chores to wade through, including updating this blog.

Events in May that have gone unheralded include the mapguys birthday about 10 days ago. The horrible truth of being fortymumble mumble something... was offset by Mrs (Ms actually, but lets not get bogged down in the semantics of the mapguys marital status) Mapguy producing a superbly framed copy of a 1956 map of the Tararua mountain system that was owned by my dad.

Superb cartography on this old map includes subtle use of three colours and a beautiful title framed by scrolls and a tramper and climber. The map was produced before contours were available for all of New Zealand, so uses other devices to show topography. An unusual feature of this map is that it shows campsites which even today is useful beta when travelling the Tararua ranges. I'll post a photo if i can get a decent one through the glass.

Also in may it was baby mapgirls first birthday, wow a whole year has elapsed since those words "It's a girl". I still forget to breathe when I look at her.