Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This blog is closed and archived

It's time to face facts and put up a final post to officially close this blog.

It seems a long time ago, but it is really only three years since we launched this blog outta Bingsland. Despite the Sid Snot-like attitude in the first post, the aim was to give us somewhere to continue and extend conversations we had in our car pool, during the long drive out to the Company in the country.

So where has everyone gone?
  • Well, Auntay has become a Mum-ay ('on yer!) but will back to the crayons again soon.
  • Wordgirl has had a little full-stop (bewty mate!) and intends to mince words in other areas.
  • Mapguy is off the map (rumour has it he fights fires now) and has recently built a new abode.
  • Bramblerose Sandybanks is still rambling out to the Company (look for her in the stacks) but we have no idea how.
  • And I'm working to ease discomfort in the depths of local government knowledge (and maybe causing some too).
So that's it. This blog is now officially closed. We'll leave it here for posterity, and a warning to others, for as long as Blogger exists.

Apparently around 40% of blogs on the web are no longer being updated. Having achieved so much, our blog has now become a statistic and joins the world-wide archive of random remarks.

Our thanks go to the fuel companies, Blogger, the Company, and the music industry. Thanks for the ride.

Maybe we'll see you on different road somewhere...