Friday, March 30, 2012

Corporate Glossary

A long overdue resource for colleagues struggling to make sense of meaningless behaviour!

Chuckle (n and v): 1/ To never smile
2/ To repeatedly forget appointments and commitments, to the point that this becomes a running joke.

Judicious (v): To visciously edit someone's document in an unexpected way.

Troymatise (v): To harangue someone relentlessly as if in a battle.

Comfitted (v): To be fitted up for a task you otherwise wouldn't want to do.

Pierced (n): To complain to your boss about something and you end up being given an extra task to solve it.

Framed (adj): To become a victim of judiciousness through inadvertently seeking it out.

Shiterations (adj): Every time you rewrite something, it gets worse.


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