Monday, May 09, 2005

The Straitjacket Still Fits…..

… even though it now has to stretch over a few middle-aged paunches!

Here’s fuelfools’ first concert review, hopefully the first of many.

A rather elderly crowd packed Christchurch’s Civic Theatre on Friday night to see the iconic Kiwi band the Fits play, probably for the last time, on their one-off reunion tour. Mapguy, wordgirl, and soon to be Foreign Correspondent, Stacey, were among the more youthful audience members. I discovered that although age does not weary concert-goers, it does render them more polite, and altogether too sane for said Straitjackets. No pushing, no shoving, no moshing, no vomiting… this allowed me to stroll easily to the front by the stage to hear the classic “She Speeds”. And it didn’t even burst my eardrums!

Carter and Co. played a tight set, belting out favourites such as “Missing, Presumed Drowned,” and “Dialling a Prayer” with practised aplomb. Great to see Shayne Carter looking relatively well-fed for a musician. A relatively short set – the band admitted they hadn’t learned any more songs! And Andrew Brough… Andrew who? Apart from one snide comment from Shayne, he was barely remembered.

A great night of nostalgia and a chance to once more be charmed by our old heroes. It’s onwards, upwards and off in a different direction for Shayne with Dimmer… you’ve got to hear the music.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

World pinhole camera day

The best laid plans of mice and men...............
The mapdudes attempts to participate in world pinhole camera day were an utter flop.
My fiendish plan to build a pinhole camera was proved, the light was right, the subject was perfect for pinhole shots. But alas, no useable shots were taken, bummer.

World pinhole camera day 24 April 2005, check the gallery